In every field, there are experts or some individuals who have achieved huge success and they seem to have some specific characteristics.

In this article, we look at 4 things that famous essay writers have in common.

1. They are patient

Many aspiring essay writer will find some problems along the way, but patience is what separate those who fail and those who will become writers. At first, the work of an essay writer is not in high demand, manuscript refused, “negative” criticism, poverty, etc. It can suck to be an essay writer, but the best writers never give up and go full bore towards their goal. Mastering essay writing skills, different essay styles, understanding writing process and how to organize different elements like essay outline, will all take time and patience and the patient persons are the ones who make it to become successful writers.

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2. They understand the need for discipline

Essay writers are known to be disciplined enough to work at their own time and take writing as their responsibility. There is no need to think that because they are not a direct employee of a company they do not have the liability to complete the scheduled work within the stipulated period. Sometimes the problem may crop up while developing content, but that does not mean that they will not put any effort to make it happen. These writers always take time to work on essay form, find essay ideas, and when they are having difficult they have to look at writing guide revisit writing hooks and find writing inspiration.

A good essay writer must have a sense of discipline. No matter how good the system to write is, writing is still hard work. And one must learn how to motivate himself/herself to sit and write.

3. They read a lot, observe their environment and research

Great essay writers read a lot. They read everything: whether it’s a story or they are conducting research for their next book and whether they are reading a bad book, a good book or a classic. They need to know how the “bad books” are made to avoid writing a bad book. They read over and over again and then they can start writing. The best essay writers read a lot to increase their general knowledge. They look at essay hook examples and essay hacks and gain more essay editing skills.


Essay writers need to observe the people, the society they live in, in order to write the best essays. They listen and analyze more than they talk. When you speak with a great writer, you feel like you are speaking to a psychologist or a sociologist.

4. They are imaginative and flexible.

Essay writers need lots of imagination to constantly come up with something unique. Without this quality, the best writers will never be able to “create.”


A good essay writer needs to be flexible in his/her thought processes. At times in the writing process, one need to be detailed oriented. Every little letter and character must be in the right place and have a defined purpose. At other times, the writer needs to focus on the whole picture. While a third occasion requires us to see blocks of information and how those blocks interact.

Great essay writers also have a big heart. They have lots of empathy which helps them understand better the complexity of emotions. They are very generous and want to share a story, emotions, and an experience. They are also generous because they are sacrificing their time for the readers: To write you need lots of time, especially to write a great book.

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