Coral Island

Three boys, Jack, Peterkin, and Ralph Rover, are shipwrecked on a coral island paradise!

The boys are stranded with a broken penknife, an old German silver pencil case without any lead in it, a piece of whipcord about six feet long, a small sailmaker’s needle, and a ship’s telescope.

The boys have many adventures make their own weapons and above all survive!


Finding underground caves, being chased by sharks, building shelters, and boats are all in a day’s work for these boys.

The book has such detail that it will enthrall you and make you feel like you are actually on the island doing the things that it describes!

It is improbable there is an island with all the things described in the story, but that does not detract from the overall value of this book.

I would recommend Coral Island for ages 10+ due to some parts of the unabridged version (which is way better) but if you are set on getting this book for someone under 10, look for an abridged version, which is partly because of the length.


The Cay book review on The Paper Guide

The Cay has that same old shipwreck theme with a few differences...Phillip is a rather misunderstood child who likes to play with his friend Henrik van Boven.


The story begins with German subs attacking some oil tankers and the refinery near Philip and his family’s home.

His mother immediately states that they are going back to Virginia where they used to live.


Phillip, on finding that his father won’t be coming with them, passionately objects to the idea as does his father, but as you know the women always win in the end and Phillip and his mom are off in a boat (his mother won’t fly) to Virginia.


The next thing you hear is that the boat has been hit by a torpedo and is sinking fast!

Phillip gets knocked off the boat and falls, unconscious of the boat!

I hope this is tantalizing enough for you because this book has a lot more to offer than just this snippet.



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