New Zealand takes a great and interesting leap in Information Technology worldwide. Over three decades, the government has transformed New Zealand from an agrarian economy to a more industrialized and globally competitive country. This dynamic growth has created a significant and proficient impact in New Zealand’s present economy and boosted technological capabilities among the populace.

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Let us learn about short, interesting and relevant facts about New Zealand’s IT industries at present.


1. ICT is a major and growing business for New Zealand, contributing over $30 billion to GDP in 2014.

New Zealand has earned a competitive global significance in ICT, naming a few includes the PowerbyProxi, an excellent wireless system known internationally; NZ’s “The Hobbit” with its creative and surprising cinematography and Rex Bionics, significantly aiding rehabilitation and health care facilities for an outstanding robotic exoskeleton for paralyzed patients.

2. $800 m+ is spent by universities on research annually.

With more than 4 million population, New Zealand has openly ventured to competitive innovation through research. This has effectively increased the country’s GDP annually and managed to compete with other countries. Definitely, this place right now is not only investing in agricultural growth but also created a specific field of growth to compete with a fast-pace and highly technological world.


3. Wellington-center of New Zealand’s film and special effects industries, and increasingly a hub for information technology and innovation.

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and this city had made the exceedingly amazing films which primarily includes “The Hobbit”. Wellington directors Jane Campion and Geoff Murphy have reached the world’s screens with their independent spirit. Wellington has also one of the country’s highest turn-outs for the annual New Zealand International Film Festival. You can find many services with pokies casino in Wellington.


4. The technology sector is a huge contributing factor to New Zealand’s economy – creating many job opportunities, GDP, and exports.

An Industry Report released this year shows there are over 28,000 firms, employing almost 100,000 individuals or 5% of the workforce. Specifically, this sector also exported $6.3billion in 2015, 9% of New Zealand’scountry’s exports. And interestingly, the result shows that for each 4% growth in production within the technology sector it produces a 1% growth in the Gross Domestic Product, equaling to $2.7billion. This shows that every single dollar invested in growing technology sector’s productivity brings about a $3 Return of Investment. According to experts, this is a very important twist.


5. New Zealand’s IT Infrastructure supports larger Digital Economy.

Information Technology Infrastructure is the backbone that supports every Facebook posts, Snapchat and Tweet; as well as emerging technologies that are shaping the world and driving the digital sector forwards. Definitely, connectivity powering innovations and transformations. This aims for an industrial revolution through IT.


6. ITP (Information Technology Professionals) New Zealand.

The government has supported young professionals to a creative technological community. It is a practical business architecture developing young, vibrant enthusiast for new trends in the digital world. In addition, prominent universities in New Zealand at present are encouraging these digital learning strategies to compete internationally and exceed the global standards.


With this competitive and fast-paced world, New Zealand has made a significant and efficient leap to Information Technology through these IT companies. This makes it very futuristic and a force to reckon with in the IT sector.

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